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          Northampton School 男孩

          Northampton School 男孩


          Year 6 Transition 2020 Information

          Check out the latest virtual tours and information regarding the year 6 transition to NSB.


          Northampton School 男孩

          Northampton School 男孩 is an 11-18 state funded single sex boys’ school. Girls are admitted to the 斗牛牛游戏大全. The school has an illustrious heritage; founded in 1541 by Thomas Chipsey in Bridge Street it then moved to the present site in 1911. His fellow trustees included Laurence and Edward Manley, William Brightwell and Laurence Washington – an antecedent of George Washington, first President of the USA.

          • 516

          • 610

          • 593

          • 645

          • 'Students enjoy outstanding opportunities to take part in clubs and activities. This helps to build the excellent relationships between students and staff which are at the heart of students' highly successful learning' OFSTED 2014

          • 'Students make outstanding progress across a range of subjects. They make exceptional progress in mathematics' osfted 2014

          • 'The 斗牛牛游戏大全 is outstanding because students make excellent progress. A high proportion of students gain places at top universities' OFSTED 2014

          Northampton School 男孩, Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5RT
          01604 230240

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